SunBirdArts created in 1996, our art studios make the oil painting production, development, design, planning, sales and service as our whole body. All paintings can be satisfied by the different community's requirement.

We can offer personalized customized services and standardized oil painting replication business. In here, you can searching for the perfect artworks. Our website is simple and easy to purchase your favorite paintings, you can order any artworks that you would like.

Our studio have many of outstanding artists who have the professional skills, who represent the highest standards in the field of art. we will strive to guarantee the leading position of “SunBirdArts” in the art field.

Our Studios

The all of oil paintings were hand painted by our outstanding painter. The types of oil painting include portrait painting , Figure ,landscape, flowers ,animals, nude ,birds .The style of oil painting as realism, abstract, ornament , modern, classical, impression and etc. We do all kinds of artworks include oil portrait, masterpieces oil painting reproductions, original oil paintings, pencil drawing, watercolor painting and etc. Our artworks around the world, many art wholesalers and individual customers order the paintings from us.

Respect for the Individual, Customer Service and Strive for Excellence.” They are our three basic maxims . SunBirdArts is the outstanding quality and noble brand , SunBirdArts was build, the custom oil painting of SunBirdArts also confirmed that the all of the artworks from us has the excellent quality, Our traditional areas requested by the production of various types of high-quality customer exquisite hand painted oil paintings, the hand painted oil paintings are pure products from hand painted. We offer personalized service for each customer. Our oil paintings around the world, many customers import custom oil painting from us. Our customers have from the“US,UK,Germany,Franceand etc.

Our studios

Credibility is the foundation of our reputation, we will be honest and equal expectations and the attitude of every new and old customers work together, hand in hand, create great achievements.

We have consistently to meet customer's requirement for the center, and fully respect the customer needs, provide customers with high quality hand painted oil painting and services that best fit customer needs. Our purpose and aim is to provide high quality oil painting and high value services. As a professional hand painted oil painting studio. We offer our customer the good quality oil painting,in the same time,offer an outstanding after-sale service for them.

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E-mail: order@buy-painting.com

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art news:

"See picture" real book, time is not dare to change its break the limit of seven years (1074), in fact, after more than 10 years (1086-1088). The painting after writing also has the same problem? following sequence:
To have peace, since the less to shu, see so home places of interest. Or take refuge in the shu, ancient shaft old figure, together without issue. And gave hidden, especially the illustration of the unique vision of the product. In the door and often have to avoid burning, still have to find. So addicted to temperament, 'by us, out of deep, can't move away. Each read dare to change, and then, the heart works number, today during the spring and autumn ninety-four).more specifically, without complex busybodies JiShu for it. Volume and records of the party, good to see, and the complacent, as empty, stop by the third arrest qian si, and princes, and work skills, under every two hundred and nineteen people, or in or death, all never put off till tomorrow what you can see. And column can see somebody else's miracle, love and don't forget, for the belly "intimate", and everyone can HuiShi message can carry, take from those who have too into this book, is divided into ten volumes, as after painting.
Deng Chun was born in northern song dynasty, the painting after the writing but after the elderly. Deng Chun said "every read dare to change, and then" should be in accordance with the "dare to change seven years" as the beginning, then its limit of years since the broken should be since ninety-four, namely "the third way sacrifices".
This passage there are several noteworthy. First, the author called themselves "since the less to shu" seems to be the book is likely to be written in west sichuan. Second, the writing way is "records of the party, good to see", in fact in "book of records of the party of". "Every read dare to change, and then, third, swim the heart works number", although is bearing "stories", but together to "dare to change" after painting for akira ring of scholar-bureaucrat has become a custom.

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